The Silly Travel Boys are a group of four brothers on opposite sides of the world sharing their love of travel, avoiding friendships, avoiding each other, scaring tourists, escaping dangerous animals, making friends with dangerous animals and selling carpet to those dangerous animals.

They currently hold the record for the worlds worst travel blog, but they’re hoping that will change soon, and maybe they can become
the world’s not so bad travel blog, then the Worlds fairly ok but needs some work travel blog and eventually the world’s best travel blog.

They have four different narratives on their direction with this blog, so each post will be different and extremely silly.

The brothers don’t often always get along, they’re obnoxious, stubborn, naive, loveable, fearless and ambitious.

They have a unique back story which is somewhat unbelievable, but it’s
true, all of it – everything you read is the truth. we would not lie to you*

The ultimate end goal is to find their parents, who they believe are still in their home country of Mazak and one day, be the most popular travel blog.

*that is wrong, we would definitely lie to you. so sorry.



Mazak is known as the weirdest place on earth.

Mazak has the highest amount of hiccups per person, per country.

1 in every 3rd Mazakian are hiccuping at any time of the day.

It’s truly a nightmare for communication and quality of life.

Mazakians are forced to greet random members of the public before work each day and compliment them on their attire,
Jean Jean Harpoon Harpoon believes this increases productivity for the day.

Mazak Independence day is also extremely bizarre, each citizen are forced to shake the hand of their ruler, Jean Jean Harpoon Harpoon – This ritual can take days, sometimes weeks.

No fist pumps are allowed, sometimes high fives are allowed if it’s above 23 degrees.

The brothers were separated at the age of 4 during the infamous Mazak hot war, they all escaped the dictatorship of Jean Jean Harpoon Harpoon and though the conditions were strenuous as Mazak is surrounded by the Black Sea – each child escaped into a different seperate country.

Jean Jean Harpoon Circa 1952

Mehmet swam to Turkey, Giuseppe crawled to Italy, Markos took the ferry to Australia and Hans was discovered in Germany.

Eye blinking, the question mark, flinching and the hand shake were all invented in Mazak

Believed to be the first ever recorded handshake – taken in Mazak around 1223

Mazak was under the rule of Dictator Harpoon for 50 years and the children still don’t know where their Father or Mother are.  
The boys are hoping that maybe, if their parents escaped Mazak, they might be reunited with them.

They keep in contact on a weekly basis while they’re travelling and want to share their antics with you.

Most of these silly boys are venturing into the travel blog world for the first time and have no idea what they’re doing, it’s a bit of a nightmare.


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