5 Tips To Avoid Surfing In Australia

You want to surf in Australia? Well you are insane, you will die. Instantly.
Luckily I can save you with these tips.

Stay inside your room for weeks, sometimes months.

Ya, vis is a good one, because once you go outside, your friends will force you
to go surfing. Do not go outside. Zis is trap.  Your friends are insane.

Hide in ze car

YA If you are forced to go surfing and cannot avoid it. Please just hide, maybe in your car, maybe not, maybe in ze bush, maybe znot in the bush, maybe in your basement for week, maybe not in your basement for weeks. Vis is so smart. 

Turn off your phone and all electronic devices

Ya vis is also a good one OR i think, Anyway complete isolation is a must to avoid surfing.


Pretend you are allergic to Surfing

“No no i can go in, zis is because i am super allergic to any type of outdoor activity, Ze doctor
Said if i go in, zen i will die, so sorry ok, must go bye bye see you later goodbye i am asleep now”

Escape to ze Outback

No waves in ze outback, maybe still a little dangerous. Maybe it is worse in ze outback. Ok..you are in trouble. I change my mind. I have seen Wolf creek. STAY WHERE YOU ARE. do not move. ok.


YA i know vot you are saying, vy isnt zis higher? Because zis is last resort. I am not some kind of psychopath. But zis is very good option if you are forced to go in to the ze water.

Vot do you zink? are there more tips to avoid surfing and potentially dying?

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