hans train station

I Am Hans. The Boring One. Silly Travel Boy. Help. Travel Blogger. Afraid. Help. Song Writer. Poet. I do not like to laugh.
Content Creator. Help. How did you find me?

I am the youngest brother, I was born in Mazak but raised in Germany. I make Australia home for now. I am unfortunately living in this dangerous place, there are many many dangerous animals.

I do not like sharks, snakes, sting rays, eels, crabs, ants, spiders, lizards, koalas, kangaroos, dogs, cats,
birds, catbirds, spiders friends with snakes, platypus are frightening, I do not like motorbikes. Fridge magnets make me anxious. Same with the beach.

My brothers forced me to travel and become travel blogger, so this is the start of Han’s Journey.

I love to express my feelings, whezer it is music, poetry or short stories (listen to my muzic below)

I wish not to talk about my upbringing but here is photo.

After school, we knocked the wall down.

Musis is ze only thing that allows me to share what I am feeling. I like to write special songs about my life.



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