best Backpacking Gear Of 2020

We at Silly Travel Boys know what it’s like, we’re always looking for the most advanced, innovative gadgets of next year, we have our ear to the ground for technological advancements and usually have
the inside scoop of what to buy and what will make you the most backpacking friends (and enemies).

We have the coolest backpacking gear of 2020, 2021, 2024 and 1999.

Mehmet has researched extensively, and listed the must have gadgets of 2020.

Nokia 3210

This little device is be perfect for your trip to the ubud monkEy forest, Not only does the phone have snake 2, It’s got cool new features such as address book and call register!

Perfect for those balinese sunset instagram shots 

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iPhone 3 with cracked screen

You’re in luck, Travelling has never been easier with this smashed little bundle of joy, not only is it harder to see pictures, i can also, barely hear anything from the speaker – This iPhone is your best little travel companion

incredible gadgets at your fingertips

Enormous photograph of Brian

I remember when i was on 3 day bus from Buenos Aires to Santiago, my power bank had run out, the aircon was dripping warm
water on me and to make matters worse, i had run out of empanadas.
and all I had was my enormous photograph of Brain.


Perfect for those sunset instagram shots in Bali.

Photo on beach
Hi Brian

WingDings font

I know what you’re thinking, why WingDings and not Arial Bold, or even Helvetica regular.
Wingdings if perfect for communicating with the birds, and 
Once you communicate with the birds, They become your friends, your comrades, then they welcome you to fly with them.

Go Forth.

Perfect for those sunset instagram shots in Bali.

Half eaten 3-week old Quesadilla

A study was found last year, that if a backpacker doesn’t carry a 3-week half eaten quesadilla, then they’ll develop
scurvy and eventually be mugged by violent Brazilian street gangs.

Perfect for those sunset instagram shots in Bali.

Fresh Barramundi

If you think it’s wise to adventure into the Greek summer without your fresh Barramundi, then what’s the point of travelling? why even bother owning
a passport if you think you should travel wthout your fresh barramundi.

Handy on a pub crawl and Balinese sunsets.


I’m not really sure what this is, but this is actually perfect for those sunset instagram shots in Bali.

Clockchair on beach
Hi Clockchair, Nice to meet you. i am mehmet

a 1993 episode of Australian Tv show ‘Neighbours’ on VHS

Going on a midnight volcano hike? Don’t forget this little gem to keep you entertained.

i am big fan of this soap opera

Bucket of Macaroni & Cheese

Well how can you make hostel friends if you don’t have your bucket of Macaroni & cheese

Bucket of Macaroni cheese

192 rustic nails

Dangerous and rare. These nails are perfect to eliminate your hostel enemies.
I mean, these nails are perfect for your balinese sunset shots.

Sony Discman

Keen to make friends? Give them a listen of your cool new Limp Bizkit CD.

limp bizkit cd, album, cover
Hi Brian

Did I forget anything? let me know!

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