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25 Ways To Work And Travel the World Forever

I remember growing up in mazak and my dad would often say “mehmet you are good boy, strong boy, you are the strongest boy in mazak, how are you so strong? and you’re so smart, why are you smart and also strong, why
are you such a strong and smart boy”

anyway sorry this has nothing to do with this blog post

You’ve probably all heard the typical ways to make money travelling.

Travel blogger, Hostel Worker, Digital Nomad. Prostitution.

We know. We get it. You’ve outsmarted us once again.

It’s been done. Do they even work? Probably yes. Absolutely.

We’re going to look at the most cost effective and ingenious ways to keep you travelling.
Think outside the box, the box is here .

and you’re currently in the box, you need to think outside the box. It’s an easy transition to remove yourself from the box area. That’s where the magic happens

modern day thief

Exactly. Keep your wits about you, if you’re willing to keep travelling – look at new avenues to increase profit.

If you’re thinking about stealing, Just do it.

Think of it as you’re a poor robin hood type of character. 

and The victims are probably racists.

Con man

“Hello my name is not mehmet, I am Brian, a Nigerian Prince, I need your help, my wife is stuck up on a roof and I have no money,
but I’m going to need 20,000 bitcoin from you – straight away. Can you send it to my Bitcoin wallet, Please my friend, she has been on the roof for days, Love Brian”

See, I’m NOT even a Nigerian Prince.

It’s actually Mehmet my friends, I just tricked you.

This is too easy my friend. Game. Set. Mehmet.

no problem, send me your bitcoin now.


    Trump did it. You can do it. Anybody can do it.

Carwash mascot

Perfect job for a wiggly jiggly jubly jibbly wubbly bubbly traveller. 

Drug Dealer

I know a guy who can set you up with 300 grams of pure colombian salt or baking soda or, even washing powder. DM Me. 

Geese Farmer

Farm the Geese, invest in Geese. Sell the Geese. King of the Geese. Congratulations. 

Sell pirated Cd’s in Thailand like it’s 2004.

Arrive in Kao Sung road, and bring back the power to the people. 

Teach English in ENGLAND

One step ahead my friends

Write a famous blog about being silly travel boys

wow mehmet what a great idea, i love this idea. i now have so much money

Leader of the Ants

When YOU’RE leader. Remember your army.

They will repay you when you need them the most.

Ants will always remember. 

Takeover author of a book that’s already been written



Work with Children (then take their pocket money)

This one is a little cruel, but you need to think outside the box. Maybe work with some Lemons too.

Becomes friends with my friend Bill Gates.

Bill will help you. 

Hi Bill!

 Celebrity Stalker

I’d heard numerous reports that this is a profitable way to make countless stacks of $$$$$

 Become King


 Become Queen


 Become Bill Gates

Super Easy

 Become friends with my friend Richard Branson

Hi Richard Branson! it’s me Mehmet!

Hi Mehmet! it’s me Richard BRanson

 Invent a new digital currency

 I call it ‘Bitcoin!’

Find a wife or husband & ask them for a loan. 

Then Divorce them for everything they have, and buy yourself a nice little block of land for you, Richard Branson and Bill Gates 

We did it!

Spend all your money on drinks, drugs and Quesadillas.

That was a joke, don’t waste your money on Quesadillas

Invest in Albania

You’ll thank me later. Wonderful place.

 Invest in a non for profit biodegradable pyramid scheme

Look, I do not know much about what this is.
this is Exactly why this is a good idea.  because when
everybody else comes up with boring typical normal ideas, you’ve got
your non for profit biodEgrable pyramid scheme

Stay tuned Every month until we get 1000 ways to work and travel the world. 

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